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Mice & Rats

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Mice & Rats

Rat Control Services

Mice and rats, common pests in both residential and commercial properties, pose significant health risks by spreading diseases and contaminating food. With their slender bodies, they can infiltrate through electrical wiring and walls, causing structural damage in roof voids and throughout buildings. At The Local Guys – Pest Control Services, our pest control professionals specialise in addressing rodent infestations, including house mouse and roof rat issues. Detecting even the slightest presence of these destructive pests, our experts tailor pest treatments to fit the unique needs of each property. From inspection to exclusion, site sanitisation, and ongoing monitoring, we combat infestations comprehensively. In cases of extensive damage or out-of-control populations, we deploy a combination of traps, including those baited with peanut butter, to effectively manage the situation. 

The Local Guys – Pest Control - Effective Solution For the Rat’s Control

At The Local Guys – Pest Control, we empathise with property owners who discover the presence of unsettling and untamed pests in their homes. Their immediate concern is the safety and well-being of themselves and their families. In such circumstances, it's crucial not to delay; schedule a site inspection promptly. Our skilled and knowledgeable experts will alleviate your worries about rodent infestations. Rat and mice pest control can pose significant challenges, particularly during winter, as these creatures seek warmth in cooler temperatures.

Mice and Rats
Mice and Rats (2)

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Rats, comprising 40 percent of mammal classes with over 2,230 identified species, are renowned for their adaptability, making them one of the most prevalent creatures on Earth. Their vast numbers facilitate frequent encounters with humans, often leading to disruptions in daily life due to property intrusions. Despite their diminutive size, these creatures pose significant health risks to humans through their droppings, urine, and hair. A single mouse can excrete between 40 to 100 droppings annually, while rat bites can result in severe diseases if left untreated. Additionally, the presence of mice or rats can trigger allergic reactions in some individuals. Given the myriad health concerns associated with rodent infestations, professional rat control is imperative. Our experienced team at The Local Guys – Pest Control Services specialises in delivering high-quality pest control solutions to address such issues promptly.

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